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Established in 1987

We have trained at the same venue throughout our history and have the same instructors in charge plus some new ones. We try to teach our students confidence without arrogance, respect for fellow pupils and instructors, most students come to us and can not speak in front of a class but soon find their confidence which helps at school or work. We help with fitness and self defence .But most of all our students are here to enjoy the art that is KARATE

This is a sport for all. Ages 7 yrs and up .

Ancient Proverb; “Those who know the way do not speak of it. Those who are ever ready to speak of it, do not know it”.

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(Kara meaning Empty, Te meaning Hand)

Karate is a defensive martial art, effectively summed up by the Japanese saying “Karate Ni Sentinashi”, no first attack in Karate. While this sounds a little strange considering Karate is not a sport but a fighting art, however it does emphasise the essence of Karate for self defence, and not for attack. Bearing this in mind it doesn’t detract from the fact that Karate is a violent activity and as such must always be under control when someone is trying to mug you. Well that’s where Karate training steps in. You have to make a conscious decision to defend yourself and all the consequences that go with it. Maybe you win, maybe you lose, its always a gamble. So what is the best defence, well that’s a lot easier than you think. The best form of defence is “don’t be there”! So you can’t walk away, well run, it really is the safest way and of course you win because you don’t get hurt. “Only cowards run away”, well there is no special awards for being a dead hero. Common sense is your best weapon use it. Ok, there may be a day when you just can’t “not be there”. Standing your ground and defending yourself may be the only option. This is where Karate may help, it focus’s the mind and prepares the body for the onslaught. How ever it is not a guarantee that you will win, a knife, a baseball bat or a gun are all things that require something more than Karate, or any other martial art. There can be no sure thing except “Don’t be there”


So, why learn Karate?

There may be many reasons why, the why is not important, but the knowledge is . You will learn more than just karate skills, you will learn a lot about yourself. Karate is not easy to learn, if it was everyone would be doing it, it takes a certain amount of dedication , self analysis, it may change your whole way of life, a few months or even years is not enough, its no joke, Karate can and often does change your life, and hopefully for the better. Time is the true master of Karate, you will never learn all there is to learn in Karate if you lived for a thousand years, because the knowledge is forever growing changing, there is just too much to learn and so little time to learn even a small part of it. It is an accepted fact that Karate used wrongly is dangerous and even lethal, that is why anyone who practices Karate must train mentally as well as physically. Karate takes more than one lifetime to even scratch the surface, once you accept that, then you are just beginning the never ending journey that will forever change your life. KARATE, not just a martial art more a way of life. Use the knowledge wisely!