Meet The Instructors

Sensei Ron Gibson 6th Dan (Chief Instructor)

IMG-20160112-WA0018Ron began his karate life in the late 1960s and has been in control of Sho Shin Kai since he started the club in 1987 along with Sensei John Sylvester. A keen kata teacher, Ron has competed on every level including world championships and has also refereed in some very prestigious competitions.  Steve Row managing director and owner of Shi Kon awarded Ron with his 6th Dan.


Gordon Rooney 2nd Dan (Club Secretary)


Gordon started with the club in 2007 (at the “young” age of 38) and Gained his 1st Dan rank in august 2012, a keen competitor in competitions and a massive Star Wars fan (can sometimes be seen parading around dressed as Darth Maul), Gordon is an easy going but dedicated instructor who embodies the saying “to Gain respect, one must first show respect” and has a pet hate of anyone of anyone who decides to “play” at karate.

Kevin Coils 3rd Dan 

KevinKevin has been taking a break in training to concentrate on his grandchildren.  Now he is back and it’s down to business. He is a stickler for etiquette, discipline and respect. Back from his break and raring to go. Don’t ask him about motor bikes or you will be there for ever. Ask about monkeys though and prepare to run…

Tony Young 3rd Dan 


Tony has been training in Karate since he was 8 years old  (not telling his age now, if you want to know and are brave enough to ask then go for it!) and has been with us for many years and has  passed his black belt in July 2010.  A very well-mannered Instructor and always trains hard, an example to all up and coming black belts. He shows great promise as one of our instructors. Tony has now passed his full 3rd Dan, well done from all at Sho Shin Kai ……

Andy Shaw 3rd Dan

IMG-20160112-WA0002Andy is the “gentle Giant” of the instructors, a keen and dedicated instructor who has studied various forms of martial arts including Akido and is only too happy to demonstrate his other arts.

Joshua Rooney 1st  Dan


Joshua is one of our 2 newest instructors, having gained his Dan grade in December 2015, a very dedicated instructor with a “loud voice ” who has been with the club all his karate life, amoung his hobbies outside karate are anime, computers and computer gaming.


 Molly Henry 1st  Dan 


Molly is the other of our new instructors and also the youngest , she is a hard working , quiet but intense instructor who has also spent all her karate life at Sho Shin Kai.  She is a keen competitior and one of our best “kumite” students in open and club competitions (she is a little firecracker and NOT to be messed with).  Her hobbies include serious FX horror make up and going out with her many friends.